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13 October 2008 @ 12:48 pm
Appeal for Artists!  
Attention all artists!

I can't wait for Conflation to update its website. Dates seem to be February 20-22nd, 2009. Conflation is an adults-only (21+) SF/F convention in St. Louis, MO (USA).

Conflation's theme this year is "Steampunk". I am seeking out local artists to assist in the decoration of the event. For the dance, I intend to turn each table into a display area for a different piece of Steampunk Art. I may also wish to utilize larger pieces to decorate the con itself. I am interested in three dimensional sculpture, adaptation of electronic equipment, ray guns, cases-full-of-interesting-things, and even framable art. Wearable art will likely be worn, but if you have multiple pieces, we do have display heads for hats, ocular devices, etc.

So far, I believe that I have had a positive response from Steve Swope, Jen Patton, and Joshua Hart. If you are interested in having your art shown, please let me know as soon as possible. I want to be able to know what we have before I design the rest of the decorations. I especially need to know if your piece of art requires a power source, special lighting, careful handling, etcetera.

Here are the things I need to know from everyone (feel free to copy and paste the form into an email.) You may respond here, or directly to me via LJ message.

Name of Artist:
Alias of Artist (character name):
Title of the piece:
Brief description of the piece:
Materials Used: (optional, most of these will be "mixed media" but feel free to brag.)
Approximate size of the piece (footprint):
Need special lighting?
Need electrical outlet?
Need special stand/frame/platform?
Is the piece interactive? (Can random people touch it?)
Does the piece need to be kept free of touching hands? (such as in a glass case or behind velvet rope)
Is the piece for sale?
Your Contact Information:

If you have a wonderful piece of steampunk art that you have purchased from another artist, and wish to display it, please fill out the above form and add the line "Owner" and give your name there.

But wait, there's more!
Friday night at the event I will be putting on a Burlesque show, in the grand old tradition of low-brow comedic parody of current media. (With hoochie-coochie girls!)
I have several sketches written and need performers and additional sketches. I may have to put together a separate list for that show.
So far I have about ten people interested (but not yet committed) to the project.

Sketches planned (so far) include:
Fan of La Mancha (a brief musical parody)
Peril (A Parlor Game enacted for your entertainment by local celebrated gentlemen.)
Handi-Bra (A commercial announcement)
Curious Cat Clothing (commercial Announcement)
Take Back Your Mink (Kukla and the Debutantes)
Alley Cat Review (special appearances)
Grease Monkey (a Cinderella Story, as yet unwritten and uncast.)
Bob's Butt Goggles (Commercial announcement)

If you are interested in participating in the Burlesque show, please let me know right away. We will likely begin rehearsals in January, which gives us approximately six weeks to put the show together. I may wish to finalize casting before Christmas...