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28 September 2008 @ 09:44 pm
Invitation to Steampunk Events at Archon  
You are cordially invited to the second annual Mad Scientists' Tea Party at Archon on Friday afternoon (October 3rd) at 4pm in the hospitality suite.

Katarina Glockenspiel and friends are hosting tea in the convention space as an opportunity for time travelers, dirigible pilots, genius inventors, trance mediums to the Deus Ex Machina, Sky Pirates, educated ladies, clock-workers, coin-operated boys, and other fans of the golden age of steam to gather. We will confer, converse, and otherwise hobnob over biscuits, tea, and similar delicacies. Guests are encouraged to bring something delicious to share, and a tea cup/saucer if possible. (Some teacups will be provided by the hostess.)

Wear your finery, and please feel free to bring inventions, apparatuses, art pieces, or music to share. (Ipod-ready speakers will be available.)

I have been assured that Archon will have additional Steampunk themed programming as well.

As a side note, there will also be a Nerf battle some time during the convention. I've seen quite a few Nerf Maverick pistols that have been "modded", so now is the perfect time to don your big game hunting gear and join in on the fun! As a word of warning, be prepared to peace-bond any weaponry during your tour through the halls of the convention. As an precaution, one may wish to carry the weaponry in a small valise or satchel until inside the approved area for the Nerf Battle. Prizes may be awarded to the most attractively modified weapons!